Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scrapping Frenzy

Ok, so frenzy may be a strong word, however if you saw my desk right now perhaps you would agree .....

I took 2 hours this morn, grabbed some supplies I have been itching to use and set to work. I had photos already printed (4x6) so that always helps things move along nicely.


This one has really not photographed well as I have used a transparent overlay. I bought this overlay about 3 years ago and it was time to use the benighted thing! I used fun family pics that we took at the World of Birds. They are fuzzy and badly lit but I will always remember the fun we had setting them up!

Journalling reads:

I can feel my family growing up. Growing to be friends. What an awesome
blessing to be part of this delightful gang. World of Birds Dec 2007


Journalling :

Being the eldest is not easy. Your brother and sister often demand much of my time but I want you to know that I SEE you Rach. I notice and the love fiesty, independent girl you are. I am mad about you and I SEE you small one. Jan 2008



I am so thankful for you; for us. That we persevered through the tough times. Here we are happy, content and probably tired! But always together. Scarborough Beach.

Photos by Rach Dec 2007

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