Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A time to create...

This morning, I dropped my kids and came home to a quiet, tidy home. No housekeeper. Just me and the hounds. (who I am liking at the moment).

I stuck a load of dishes and laundry on. Made the beds, wiped the kitchen surfaces. I knew I would not be able to scrap with a clean conscience if these things werent done! I dont know when I developed my Martha conscience but there you have it.

I then, gleefully, put on some smooth jazz and headed to my workspace. These are what I did. Am pretty much loving them. Which feels good.

Journalling: It has taken me a while to grasp that peace is not about quiet and serene settings. Peace is a state of being - an internal state of serenity and calm, in spite of external chaos.
Phil 2:7 The peace of God which transcends all understanding....

Journalling: Was yet another grey Sept day. Where is Spring? Ever determined, we wall bundled up and headed to the beach. Who needs sun to have fun??

Monday, October 20, 2008

Give Yourself a Gift

A while ago Stacey Julian challenged us to stop and capture life right now. No frills and no fuss. The aim is to keep it in your bag and look at it frequently. (I dont carry a bag; may have to live in the glove compartment!)

Due to technical difficulties I wasnt able to use the 'exact photos' I wanted to but I decided to stop being anal and just use what I had lying around.

Here is a few pages of my matchbox book - aint she sweet?

Friday, October 10, 2008


Just when I got myself all sorted with resizing, editing and sorting photos into correct folders for laptop died. BEFORE I could transfer them to my stick. I am so bummed. I have creative juice pumping through my veins and little I can do about it!

Suffice to say I have created the album Stacey Julian has on her blog. Check out the challenge there to do a mini of " life - right now". It took m5 30mins to do.I used a Basic Grey Matchbox Mini. Just have to stick pics in when I get them printed. I already LOVE it. Probably just cos its cute, dinky and colourful! LOL

Am also almost finished a 6x6 called "THINGS WE DO."

I realise now that I cannot remember what I did when I had no kids? When I had only one kid? Two? Well, now I have 3 and I want to remember how we filled our days during the course of this year.

Its a super simple, no frills, no heavy journalling, no matting and doodles etc. Its a picture of each activity + a few words about it. Have 3 more mini-spreads to finish and then I promise to share! (assuming my pc is back).

Later guys. (and thanks to my 1 follower....!)

Monday, October 6, 2008

First Haircut

Okay, so this is the LO I did a few weeks back. The one I dont like and didnt want to post.

I still dislike it with considerable intensity. In fact, to say I loathe it would be an tells the story with all the journalling and it shows the process in pictures.

I dont think my boy will ever care about the lack of balance, design mojo or boring background. I may one day re-do it.

Actually I probably wont.