Friday, October 10, 2008


Just when I got myself all sorted with resizing, editing and sorting photos into correct folders for laptop died. BEFORE I could transfer them to my stick. I am so bummed. I have creative juice pumping through my veins and little I can do about it!

Suffice to say I have created the album Stacey Julian has on her blog. Check out the challenge there to do a mini of " life - right now". It took m5 30mins to do.I used a Basic Grey Matchbox Mini. Just have to stick pics in when I get them printed. I already LOVE it. Probably just cos its cute, dinky and colourful! LOL

Am also almost finished a 6x6 called "THINGS WE DO."

I realise now that I cannot remember what I did when I had no kids? When I had only one kid? Two? Well, now I have 3 and I want to remember how we filled our days during the course of this year.

Its a super simple, no frills, no heavy journalling, no matting and doodles etc. Its a picture of each activity + a few words about it. Have 3 more mini-spreads to finish and then I promise to share! (assuming my pc is back).

Later guys. (and thanks to my 1 follower....!)


Anonymous said...

You sure do like your mini books and they are great for "telling the stories" about the everyday (Nic Howard here) LOL. Have just started one for my Mum of Xmas ideas - things she can make with my nieces in Australia. Just might have to do one for me as well now.

Lynette said...

Hope to see your new creations soon.