Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A time to create...

This morning, I dropped my kids and came home to a quiet, tidy home. No housekeeper. Just me and the hounds. (who I am liking at the moment).

I stuck a load of dishes and laundry on. Made the beds, wiped the kitchen surfaces. I knew I would not be able to scrap with a clean conscience if these things werent done! I dont know when I developed my Martha conscience but there you have it.

I then, gleefully, put on some smooth jazz and headed to my workspace. These are what I did. Am pretty much loving them. Which feels good.

Journalling: It has taken me a while to grasp that peace is not about quiet and serene settings. Peace is a state of being - an internal state of serenity and calm, in spite of external chaos.
Phil 2:7 The peace of God which transcends all understanding....

Journalling: Was yet another grey Sept day. Where is Spring? Ever determined, we wall bundled up and headed to the beach. Who needs sun to have fun??


Vicki said...

Love that time of day when you know everything is done and you can just scrap away. Well done Mel.

Lynette said...

Simply beautiful...I am so glad you are scrapping :)

Kim Watson said...

Fantastic L.O's, I really like them! They are so different yet so very you! I've poached your one for my challenge...will post them in the new week.

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