Monday, November 3, 2008

Purging and Sorting

I got stuck into my scrap space recently to try to make it look vaguely organised and attractive.

With the house going on show shortly and the fact that we live in a completely open plan environment....I had to try to organise the chaos.

Its a great space to work especially when it looks like this...!

I did a page for KJ's challenge but HATED it.

Have redone it. Ripped this one to shreds. Still not loving the latest attempt...but will submit it anyway cos am * so* over this LO now!

Watch KJ's space around the 10 November to see the new one I did.


Lynette said...

Glad to see you posting again...your layout looks great. Good luck with the sounds painful! :)

Kim Watson said...

What's not to like here??? The L.O is great! I think you are being too critical & please tell me you didn't actually rip it up??

Helen Tilbury said...

Love the look of your little Scrap Space. Good going for the end of the lounge...impressive! I was so inspired I spent 9 hours in my Scrap Room yesterday...I don't have any cupboards so not enough storage! Want to get one of those 'holey' boards like you have for above my desk. Please tell me you didn't DRILL all those holes...hoping to find it at Mica?!