Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Layered Look

As I 'non-dimensional' scrapper, the layered look kinda escapes me. I always feel if I layer heavily that my photo begins to disappear. Clearly I just dont do it right because I drool over some layered LO's by other artists!

I still gave it a crack though, spurred on by the challenge over on KJ's blog.

Layering to me = patterned paper + paint + rub-ons + gaffer tape etc. In Mel-speak, commonly referred to has 'flat-layering'!!

I had fun doing this LO. The little guy was pottering around, wreaking havoc as he has already figured out that if Mom is scrapping the world can fall down and SHE WONT NOTICE. (or care!)

The girls were upstairs watching morning tv. Since the ban on tv during the week, Saturday morns have become pretty precious to them!

Russ was in PE til lunchtime so I arbed in my VERY UNATTRACTIVE fleece gown and scrapped my little heart out.



Lynette said...

ROFL! You make it sound like a religion...non dimensional indeed. Your layout is just great. Layers I always struggle with and always admire when looking at other people's work.

Vicki said...

Well you aced that one. Don't know what you're worried about. Love layers too.

Stefanie said...

I love it and think I'm a flat layering girl too. Maybe we should start a club?

Kim Watson said...

You did a fantastic job is perfect. The papers you used, pull together so nicely with the title.
Great job!!