Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thoughts on the Simple

Journalling : I have found that pursuing a life of simplicity comes at a cost few people care to mention.

I am not saying its not worth it...simply that its not as easy as tossing out a few boxes of unwanted junk or saying no to arbitary requests on your time.

Simplicity is not only decluttering your home and time but also decluttering (renewing) your mind. This is something I find far more challenging but a journey certainly worth travelling.


Lynette said...

Beautiful take on this challenge. How we all yearn for the simple life.

Anonymous said...

Love your journalling here Mel - how true.

Helen Tilbury said...

Cool layout Mel...I bought a book a few years ago that I read once a year, called "No more Clutter-How to clear your space and free your life" by Sue Kay. Got it at Exclusive Books, sure they could order it for you if it's no longer in stock. It's brilliant & life changing but an uphill battle to keep at it!

WHITEShadow said...

I really love your creativity. I been trying to do scrapbooking but it don't look as good as yours. I know that I don't use the right materials. Your's just look so fancy and girly.

Please see me soon. You got an award.
Keep smiling. I have to follow you for more creative tips.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Mel ... just popped accross from Helens blog. Love this layout and the sentiment ... who new just 'being happy' would be such hard work!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Allie says:
My first time here!

Hmm, learning to "do" simplicity is a bit like trying to unlern something.
It sounds as though it should be dead easy.
It aint.
But, as you say, something infinitely worth pursuing.