Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shamelessly Scraplifting...

I decided to let chaos reign, children whine and mess accumulate today. I continued my scrappy streak which started last night around 9pm..... Last night I printed out some of my fav layouts with the notion to lift them today. Take a look.

Kim's layout...I loved the freshness, the amazing multiphoto yet uncluttered look.

My take was pretty much a straight lift, with Kim's layouts you either lift it as closely as possible or risk missing the mark completely. I opted with the former and am very happy with the result.
I should have waited for good light to photograph it but am FAR too impatient for that.....

This is a lift from the Cocoa Daisy gallery. Designer, Christine, did this linear, fresh approach that I simply love. This is the second of her layouts that I have lifted.

Her layout:

My take. Also taken in dusky light. *sigh*

Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Two for Show and Giveaway Fun!

First up : a scrappy giveaway....go take a looksee over at

I am thoroughly enjoying using the Cocoa Daisy kits. The first LO is the April kit and the last one is the May kit.

I am plan to make space next week to do a few more. I have printed out a few of KJ's LO's as inspiration ....