Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shamelessly Scraplifting...

I decided to let chaos reign, children whine and mess accumulate today. I continued my scrappy streak which started last night around 9pm..... Last night I printed out some of my fav layouts with the notion to lift them today. Take a look.

Kim's layout...I loved the freshness, the amazing multiphoto yet uncluttered look.

My take was pretty much a straight lift, with Kim's layouts you either lift it as closely as possible or risk missing the mark completely. I opted with the former and am very happy with the result.
I should have waited for good light to photograph it but am FAR too impatient for that.....

This is a lift from the Cocoa Daisy gallery. Designer, Christine, did this linear, fresh approach that I simply love. This is the second of her layouts that I have lifted.

Her layout:

My take. Also taken in dusky light. *sigh*

Thanks for looking!


~*{ Michelle }*~ said...

Love both your lifts Mel! That's one way of getting some scrapping done with almost guarenteed great end results!

Stefanie said...

look around and see if my mojo is "kuiering" with yours...I'm missing it

Vicki said...

Very nice Mel - can feel a scraplift or two coming on myself! LOL

Lynette said...

Beautiful lifts Mel...I love seeing your creative side!