Monday, November 10, 2008

Challenge Entry

My entry for the challenge on KJ's blog. (take 2!)

- Use 5 patterned papers
- Use the word AMAZE

Kindly note the stitching right corner. Yes, be impressed. And little flower thingies at the bottom? Yes, time consuming and utterly un-Mel. But that is why I love KJ's challenges - she forces (in a lovely way!) me to try new things.

Journalling reads:

I still reckon the best way to embrace and celebrate everyday life is to allow yourself to be amazed by simple things.

Its not easy and I dont get it right very often, but it does add an aura of the extra-ordinary if you allow yourself to be amazed. Every day.

( see blog entry below on Monday 3 Nov for my first attempt at this challenge.....this is the re-do!)


Stefanie said...

I like it, esp the journaling...
Can't wait to see all Kj's entries.

Anonymous said...

Very impressed here at the stitching - did you use a template or do it all by yourself?

Lynette said...

This is beautiful Mel...This time I am sure you are happy with it. Your mom must be so relieved that you are not moving:)

Anonymous said...

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