Monday, December 1, 2008

First Christmas LO - EVER

I dont do Christmas LO's. Too many photos. Too many colours. Too many family members (what if I forget to include someone?). Christmas is just TOO for me. So no layouts. Period.

Until now. A challenge for Jounaling Junkie has forced me to re-look this. Unfortunately I lost most of my Christmas photos when my external drive took a dive....these (rather dismal) pics where stashed in a draw somewhere.

I think I may try gather a few from past Christmas's and just do a generic LO for each year. Just a Where, Who, What vibe. Not a million bells and whistles. (like I ever do that!)

Oh but wait...check out the dimension
on this one baby! KJ will be proud....


Stefanie said...

I like it, please can you mail me the journaling typed out? Pretty please.

Vicki said...

Are you serious - your first one ever?? I have an 8x8 album just for Christmas and I do one layout usually with 1 photo that sums up Christmas for that year. Some of them don't look very Christmassy but that what we did for that year. Still do one each for the kids albums of just them though. Do like your layout.

Lynette said...

Well done Mel...I end up doing several to make sure I included everyone. I love your layering.

Shayne said...

This is a great LO. I also struggle with the layering thing, but you've done well with this!

Kim Watson said...

Mel it is fab! I LOVE the layering...& the little tree in the bottom corner. You did good girl!!
It is worthy a one man Mexican wave!!