Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Results of the Purge

My new, much more organised scrap storage area. Everything has a home and the diminished number of supplies means a much more efficient way of scrapping for me! I must confess, the less "stuff" I have to obsess over the easier it is for me to get a page done.
Simplicity is my scrapping middle name!

Stuff in the 3 drawer stacker - see pics above from left to right : General flat embellishments, rub-ons and stickers.

These are th
e mags / books / empty albums ----- I know some of you want so see what I got!

This is not the complete collection - some of my favourites are next to my bed, in the
bathroom, in the lounge, in the car - you know - all over the place!

Also sorted my chipboard/acrylic alphas into a little gidget box so each letter is in its own space, so much easier to see if I can spell out the desired word. Been meaning to do that for ages. Next task is keeping everything 'op sy plek' {in its place}

I did 4 LO's today but am not ready to load them today as the journalling is not complete. Hope to have them up by Friday. Possibly along with the class LO's that I am teaching.

The Scrapfan alias The Five-Browns


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Stefanie said...

Where did you get the 3 drawer stacker and the magazine holder from? Looks very good, wish I could pop over to your house for a playdate.