Sunday, April 27, 2008

Remember SOME of the Funnies

Do your kids say the funniest things? Remember to scrap them! Dont feel like you have to scrap them all - sit down today and write down 3 of your all time funnies that your kids have said and scrap them!

Journalling on photo reads:

Me: YOu can be a pretty wild child sometimes Faithy!
Faith: I'm not wild. I am Strawberry Shortcake! I am the QUEEN!

Me: OK Lou-Lou if thats the way you wanna play it!

Below photo quotes: My butt crack is falling down (meaning: my pants are slipping down)
Food me Mom ( feed me Mom)

Where is my Cinda Binda? (where is Lucinda?)

Journalling reads:

Rach: You're a baby Faith!
Faith: I notta baby.
Rach: Yes you are.
Faith: 'Notta a baby!
Rach: You're a toddler then.
Faith: Notta toddler!
Rach: What are you then?
Faith: I'm a girl!

Capture some of the moments - you dont have to get them all!

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Steffi said...

Sweet pictures!