Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kids Bedrooms

Apologies off the bat for those that have seen these LO's. I know I posted them on my other blog around June-ish last year. I think I may have attracted 2 new readers (!!) so this may be new to them!

I am still stoked with these, not because of any great design element but simply because they capture each child's room so beautifully. I remember a few of you saying you were keen to do a similar thing for your Have you?

Anyway ladies, thanks for faithfully reading and I do hope to have some fresh content soon. The stinker is that the story of the missing photos persists, so I am going to HAVE to get them reprinted. As Vicki soon as I reprint, then I shalt find them!


5 comments: said...

Good blog.

Vicki said...

Oops no I haven't done a layout yet of each of their rooms. Will go and do the photos now. LOL

Anonymous said...

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Lynette said...

I love those layouts! Where is Lulu's space? Bianca is redoing her room when she comes back from Jhb in will be the first time she does it according to her taste...

Anonymous said...

This is so cute!! For more ideas check out they have wall stickers that don;t ruin your walls