Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cheating in Style

I do believe I have mentioned in previous postings that I do not indulge in 'event scrapping' which translates to the fact that I have done exactly ONE christmas layout to date. I did it as an assignment, not a choice.

I do not enjoy 'theme' pages - easter, christmas, birthdays etc. Christmas freaks me out the most because of all the pictures that are taken. I have a large family. We have many gatherings and I always feel utterly overwhelmed at the thought of scrapping our Christmas shindigs.

So I cheated. I have bought a pre-designed Christmas album from Making Memories. Its not even a little bit cheesy. (IMO anyway!) Its got lots of 3-d elements, a corduroy cover and is, frankly, a whole lot more attractive than anything I would put together.

I plan to round up many many photos - get a-cropping and a-sticking and have my Christmas scrapping up to date in about 25minutes! Woo hool


Lynette said...

Wow...I want one of those!

Vicki said...

Go for it - its not cheating and they will all be scrapped and in the same place so you know where to find them.

missusem said...

I do one layout every Christmas too :).. Nice to see your creations on the Cocoa Daisy site!! Can't wait to see more.. :) Sue (missusem - Cocoa Daisy :))