Friday, August 29, 2008

Fathers Day in Acrylic

I did this album in 3 hours - 2 days before Fathers Day. It has turned out to be one of the most epic albums I have ever done. Not much in terms of design (its super simple) or supplies but all because of the content of this little gem. The journalling. Pure and simple.

I feel I really managed to capture the spirit of this guy - the father to my kids. Russ is an EPIC dad - he adores his kids and they love him to bits. The kids drew pictures and wrote notes to add to this album; I think Russ will be turning to this one regularly.

He took it to work every day for a week to show different colleagues....speaks volumes huh?


Anonymous said...

Yep its all about the journalling - no wonder he loves it. Just fantastic Mel.

allie said...

Just stunning Mel!

I know you showed me before but today I took time out to enlarge all the pages and really look at them.

Its a lifetime keeper -
A gift that will, literally, keep giving to Russ his whole life.