Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Glimpses Album

A couple of you know that each year I do a mini-album that I call my "Glimpses 200?" This little album has proved a real treasure - I learnt all about it in a class Stacey Julian taught us in 2005. And I have done one every year since.

The format is super simple, super easy and super cute. It is possible to become overwhelmed at trying to capture the year in a tiny album BUT that is not the point! We scrap all year to do that - this is a 'nutshell album'.I think its easier if I show you some examples from my previous years, these albums were done in 6x6 format : Click to enlarge images.

Mel 2005

Mel 2007

Faith 2005

Faith 2007

As you can see there are set little 'questions' you answer for each member of your family. I also do filler pages with other highlights (or just ordinary lights!) of our year that may not have made it to my other albums but are still noteworthy. These are Russ' favourite albums....he hauls these out regularly!

Stay tuned - will post some filler pages at a later date.


Anonymous said...

Now thats a great idea. Just might have to think on this maybe as a replacement for my BOM which I'm stopping at the end of the year.

Tracy said...

Hi Mel

You are so productive - even with 3 wee ones hanging onto your "jean pant" - loved that idea from Stacey but never went anywhere with it - you have inspired me to pull it out and try to keep up - yet again ... sigh ...

BTW THANK YOU for the nudge to Stefanie - am honoured that you think I would fit in with the DT Members - never done this before so pretty nervous but I will get the hang of it and I DO LOVE TO JOURNAL ... OTT and Drama Queenish most of the time but ... well ... I have to have a vice or two ... tee hee ...

Love your blog ... have linked it to mine ...

Love, Tracy G