Thursday, August 21, 2008

Work in Progress

I decided I need to share as I go because its clearly more fun that way. At least for me. It will teach me to stop being so bloody anal and just show the stuff....I tend to want to wait til its "all done" but in my life that my take forever!

The cover - ta - da!

Whats in a Name?

My Dream Job

My Breathing Space

My Magic Carpet Ride

A special email I received this year.

Me - {in Labels}


Tracy said...

Well done, Mel

So pleased you popped in to share your LO's from your Book of Me.

Keep going, girl and pop in to "see" me again - I will be loading a new challenge at the end of August. Some of the Challenges are based on an idea I found on the net a couple of years ago (unfortunately I can't remember who to credit for the original idea) but many of the challenges posted on my blog are inspired by my own ideas of what I would like my son and future generations to remember about/know me.

So, if you feel like joining in a few of our Challenges, e-mail your LO's to me so I can post them onto my blog.

Love, Tracy

P.S. I am also one of those "anal" chicks so it is taking a while for me to get the courage to load more of my LO's ... (tee hee)

Shayne said...

Hi Mel. Found you through my dear friend Clive's new blog. Am a new scrapper (about a year now) so still learning and trying not to be too anal and be a bit braver. Loved the "Book of Me" - such a good idea. Definately going to give it a try. The Label page was fab!