Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Featured Layout

This was my LO that I did for the DT call on Journaling Junkie.

To my mind its a bit "all over the place" but then again, so is Faith so i will try to convince you that it was planned this way....

The journalling reads:

At 4yrs old you are incredibly in touch with your feelings - and very sensitve to others' too.

We taught you very early to try and articulate your emotions in an effort to help you process the physical intensity that builds up in your little body.

Our lives have improved dramatically - as has yours - with this skill you have mastered.

You are still prone to some serious Grouch-i-ness but you remain super cute!


Anonymous said...

I saw this on the other blog. Am guessing you have used 7 Gyspies word stickers and can you tell me which one has the "i'm telling" on it. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Mel I love this layout! Even though you feel that its "all over" it is still very well balanced (-: