Thursday, September 11, 2008

A fourth child?

I think I did this LO probably about 18mnths ago. I knew there would come a time in my life where I would begin to think about having a fourth baby.

I knew I would FORGET the ramifications and only remember the 'warm and fuzzy' moments of babies.

For this day. No more babies Mel. No more babies.

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Tracy said...

Hey Mel

Keep the mantra going, girl - another child??? Sjoe, the work ....

I too have thought about it lately but I get a cold chill everytime I think about those sleepless nights and the stinky nappies not to mention going backwards by 12 years - in 8 years' time Bryce will be ready to leave home and it's PARTY TIME for Greg and I (tee hee). If we start again, the PARTY starts soooo much later ... tee hee ...

Borrow a baby every now and then - it might take away the yearning!!!

Love, Tracy